December 31st Update

Dear FBC,

As the calendar turns over to 2021, the Elders would like to announce a couple of changes to our Covid-19 protocols. We strongly encourage you to watch the video below, but you can also read the update below.

We want to reiterate that our motivations all along have been three-fold:

  1. Honor God

  2. Love others

  3. Submit to governing authorities as much as possible.

These priorities have guided us and, Lord willing, will continue to guide us. We very much appreciate your patience and hope that our love for you is obvious.

As we submit to our governing authorities, we’ve acknowledge that the public health orders have consistently given latitude to religious services. More specifically, the health order currently in effect (2020-27) removes specific mandates from “religious services” while strongly encouraging faith-based organizations “to implement protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.” For the last couple of months, we’ve sought to “implement protocols” like mask wearing anytime someone is in our building.

While we have the legal authority to make our own decisions about our corporate worship services, we have the biblical obligation to honor  our governing authorities (Romans 13:1–6). With that understanding, we are updating our policy for our official religious services.

Please note that these policy changes affect only our official gathered services in the auditorium like adult Sunday School, the Worship service, and Upreach.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to any one of us. We will be more than happy to listen to any concerns and to consider any other changes that may have escaped our attention. Again, we thank you for your patience and beg your continued grace as we navigate these waters.