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    It can be intimidating to worship in a new place. Although we’re a little mountain church in Ogden Valley, we regularly have visitors who attend while on vacation in Eden or Ogden or while on business in Ogden. Most of our church lives in the Ogden Valley, and we love it when our local neighbors here in Liberty, Eden, or Huntsville attend church with us! Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please contact us!

    How are you responding to Covid-19?

    Utah has provided churches with a certain amount of freedom during formal religious services. Our motivations in applying those freedoms are three-fold:
    1. Honor God
    2. Love others
    3. Submit to governing authorities as much as possible.

    With that understanding, we request the following for those attending our official religious services.

    • Social Distancing/Masks: We ask our attendees to social distance (e.g., sit only with people in one’s household), use hand sanitation, and wear face coverings while in our building.
    • During Services: During our official services, however, you are welcome to remove your face masks while in your seats.
    • Sickness Policy: If you are sick or have reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please wait 7 days before attending in-person.

    Note: Please note that these policy changes affect only our official gathered services in the auditorium like adult Sunday School, the Worship service, and Upreach.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us.

    What Should I Wear?

    Our focus is on bringing honor to God, so we try not to let our dress distract from that intention. Most of our people choose a casual style, but we want everyone to feel comfortable no matter how they dress. If you’d like to read more, consider this helpful advice.

    Will I Be Singled Out?

    No, we won’t call you out publicly in any way. We do our best to create a welcoming environment so that you can interact with God. We regularly have visitors from Liberty, Eden, Huntsville, North Ogden, Ogden, and more!

    What Should I Bring?

    We study from the Bible, so if you have a personal copy, feel free to bring it with you. If you don’t have one, that’s OK. We have free pew Bibles you can use and then take home!

    Will You Ask For Money?

    No. We place an offering box in the church lobby for any who would like to give. We occasionally alert our regular attendees to a special need, but visitors should feel no obligation to contribute.

    Do You Provide Child Care?

    Yes. We provide nursery for children ages 0-3. Due to Covid-19 precautions, we have currently suspended our nursery. Each Sunday, we offer Sunday School for children 3 years old and up through adults. We begin Sunday School upstairs together as a church with singing before dividing into smaller classes.

    Every Sunday but the first Sunday of the month, we also offer Children’s Church (3 years–4th grade) during the worship service.

    Learn more about our children’s ministries.

    Have additional questions? Call (801.745.6200) or email us at